Chapter 1 Introduction

VCRIS (Virginia Cultural Resource Information System) provides access to electronic records for historic properties in DHR’s Archives, as well as an online submission system for recording new buildings, structures, landscapes, and archaeological sites.

VCRIS includes an interactive web map and detailed information about each site, along with evaluative information about the historic significance of resources.

DHR launched VCRIS in 2013 and enhancements are ongoing.

VCRIS login

1.1 What is VCRIS?

VCRIS supports DHR’s management of cultural resources across the Commonwealth. Users of the system are primarily cultural resource professionals working toward compliance with environmental and historic preservation regulations, survey, documentation, and listing in the Registers. Searches in VCRIS generally satisfy requirements for SHPO background research.

Access to VCRIS is available to qualified individuals and organizations for a fee. See the Accounts (LINK) section for more details.

The VCRIS public viewer includes limited information about architectural resources, but should not be used to support compliance.

What VCRIS is not

Detailed information is not available to the general public without a login, but DHR Archives staff members are happy to help. Contact (LINK).

VCRIS is not the system in which to submit Section 106 projects to DHR’s Division of Review and Compliance for clearance. These submissions come through ePIX.

1.2 Contact Us

To ask questions or get help, contact us:

Finding information about historic sites or properties in Virginia

Quatro Hubbard, Archivist

(804) 482-6102

Setting up your account, fees, password or system issues, etc.

Jolene Smith, VCRIS Technical Leade

(804) 482-6438

Recording architectural/above-ground properties

Blake McDonald, Architectural Data Manager

(804) 482-6086

Recording archaeological sites

Jolene Smith, Archaeology Data Manager

(804) 482-6438 GIS, Feature Service

Dominic Bascone, GIS Coordinator

(804) 482-6101