V-CRIS Registration

Physical Address

Billing address same as physical address

Billing Address
Organization Administrator
VCRIS Fees (Per license seat)
License Name Includes 30 days 1 year
AH & AE Editor/Viewer Architecture and archaeology map, research, data entry $255 $725
AH Editor/Viewer Architecture map, research, data entry $150 $525
Data Entry Data entry only No charge No charge

External GIS feature service: $500/year with AH & AE Editor/Viewer license purchase. Contact DHR staff for complimentary license details.


 No licenses requested. At least one license must be requested to register.

Type Seats (1 - 50) Duration Remove
External GIS feature service

 Appropriate VCRIS Licenses Required.

Intended Use

Please provide an explanation as to why your organization is requesting access to the V-CRIS system.